• HFTC III Update

    Hey all,

    We have been hard at work planning HFTC III, which is going down 20-22 August, 2010. Sunday, we went out and did another recon of the AO, and have been coming up with some really challenging and dynamic scenarios. We have made a couple improvements to this year's challenge that we think you'll enjoy. Read on after the jump to so what's new.

    - OPFOR will be split into groups, and will also be evaluated. There will be an award for "Best OPFOR squad".
    - OPFOR will have additional objectives and should expect to be "in the fight" throughout the entire event.

    Real Steel range (for Teams) will see a couple changes (we think for the better).
    - Shotgun course removed.
    - Pistol & AR course with moving targets.
    - "Long Gun" sniper course:
    -- Team chooses best marksman.
    -- Farthest target not to exceed 800 meters.

    Teams and OPFOR will be faced with more dynamic objectives, as well as options to skip certain optional ones which can change the course of the event... for the better or worse, teams will have to think quickly on their feet.

    There is going to be a lot of fun & challenging surprises, and plenty of hiking around, so you should be hydrating and PTing now. Expect plenty of Land Nav, it will make things easier for your team if you can read a topo map, and know how to use your compass!

    Registrations are still open, but we might have to close 'em down if we get too many people. If you wanna come to this event, make sure you REGISTER NOW. Tell your team mates they need to get on the site and REGISTER asap.

    password: ********

    You should have the password in an email from us. IF YOU DIDNT GET THE EMAIL AND WANT TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT LET US KNOW.

    If you have any questions, let us know or join the HFTC discussion on our new forums:

  • HFTC III Date Changed to 20-22 August 2010

    This new date will give everyone a bit more time to prepare, train, PT, etc. It was carefully chosen to have the least possible conflicts with other events.

    If you have already registered don't worry, your current registration is valid for the new date. If you haven't registered, DO IT!

  • 3rd Annual Hatchet Force Team Challenge


    It's coming up soon! I hope you are ready for the next installment of HFTC, 16-18 July 2010 20-22 August 2010. This year will be in a whole new area, and it will be tougher than ever before. As always points will be awarded for using your heads, working as a unit and completing special objectives.

    Highlights will include:

    • Land Navigation
    • Rappelling & Ascending
    • Sniper & Counter-Sniper
    • Integrated Live Fire Exercise (real steel)
    • Lots of hard team work
    • HF-Style Surprises
    • And a hot meal when you get back.

    The Winning team gets to take home the coveted HF trophy and keep it until the next challenge.

    We're looking for:

    • Competing Teams (6-8 men)
    • OPFOR (teams or individuals)

    If you haven't been out to an HFTC, or just want to see what it's all about, read about the first event here.

    Photos from past HFTC's here.

    The cost is $50 per person for teams, $35 per person for OPFOR. Attendees must provide their own equipment, water, food, transportation to the event and ammunition. This cost is to cover the expenses for special props, and for the dinner that will be served to everyone after the op.

    This event is invite-only. You will receive information on how to register for HFTC if you are invited.

    About the Hatchet Force Team Challenge:
    The Hatchet Force Team Challenge is an annually held, team-based, invite-only, tactical-simulation competition. It is designed to push teams to their mental and physical limits. It consists of objectives that require the use of a wide variety of skills and teamwork, all of which Hatchet Force regularly trains on. No task in the Hatchet Force challenge is one that we have not completed ourselves. Admission is required and goes to cover the cost of that year's event.

    Each year the winning team goes home with the Hatchet Force Team Challenge "ArrowHead" trophy. The winners keep the trophy until the following year, when a new set of teams competes. The winning team is allowed to attend the following year for free as OPFOR.

    If you think your team has what it takes to bring home the trophy, sign up and show us what you got.

    Want an invite? Contact Us.

  • Hatchet Force in 2010 and beyond

    We've been pretty busy so far this year, attending and staffing events. We've recently launched new forums, and can now be found on facebook and twitter. Read on after the jump to see what we've been up to, as well as some big plans for 2010...

    Recent events:

    He had the privilege to be guest instructors, command staff, and game control staff for a few events this year already.

    Angel Training

    Training the "Angels"

    Our good friend John Lu asked us to help him train up his staff of "Lion Claws Angels". We only had part of a day, but we made the best of it and apparently some of the training held on. The Angels actually do a fair amount of baggin' & taggin' in the events along side all the boys.


    Operation RED STORM

    Hatchet Force was honored to play a command staff role at this intense urban event in Whittier, CA. We were in command of the SF element, and got to work with our friend Helmut who ran the Ranger element. We spent a lot of time planning and building intel maps of the AO, and all the hard work paid off in the end with the US Forces taking home the win. It was a truly rare and exciting event that will be talked about for years to come. Check out the photos here, here and here.

    Angel Training

    Operation New Horizon IV

    For this event at Sanna Ranch in Agua Dulce, CA, we designed the scenario and operated as game control staff. The fictional scenario took place in the Caucus Mountain region of Georgia, where drug and weapons smuggling from Asia into Europe causes a problem. Players had to "smuggle" crates back and fourth between their main camp and drop-off points in order to simulate the trafficking operations. The warlord played by SGT. Kenn Miller (US Ranger ret.) led the RENEGADES to a sweeping victory, his troops gaining control of a "WMD" and destroying a very valuable oil pipeline. Check out the photos here and here.

    Upcoming Events

    We got some pretty big events coming soon, so read on to find out where you can see Hatchet Force next.

    Operation Lion Claws IX - May 28-30 2010

    We are proud to once again serve under our long time friend and guest commander COL Danny R. McKnight - U.S. Army RANGER (Ret.). This year we will be up against some pretty tough OPFOR lead by 1SGT Matt Eversmann - U.S. Army RANGER (Ret.). And a third element of "indigenous forces" under the command of that infamous russki Sgt. Igor Dobroff - Soviet Airborne Division (ret.). For more information and sign-up, go to

    Hatchet Force Team Challenge III

    The 3rd Annual HFTC has been scheduled for 16-18 July 2010. This is an invite-only challenge designed to push teams to their mental and physical limits. It is not for the weak or fainthearted. If you think you got what it takes and want to learn more, head over to the forums.

    Hatchet Force Recruitment, Selection and Training Process

    We are changing up things a little when it comes to our recruiting and training. We're still going to train at least once a month, and we are accepting applications, but only during the summer months going forward. Starting in the fall and ending in the spring we will be conduction our Hatchet Force Qualification Course (HFQC) and will not be accepting any new applications until the selection and training process is over. For more information, read about the requirements for joining HF, and the new HF selection process.

    See ya in the field!

  • Hatchet Force in TacSim Magazine August 09

    Tactical MilSim Magazine is coming out! It's owned by a close friend and long time RANGER, MSG(ret.) Howard "Mad Max" Mullen. The upcoming issue has a 1on1 interview with Dalton Fury, writer of the NYTimes Best Seller: "Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the Worlds Most Wanted Man". It also features an article on Hatchet Force, in which we talk about how we came to be, what we've done over the last 8 years, and what the future holds for us.

    Please join us in supporting this magazine! Order a copy by Friday to get yours before it hits the shelves. Head over to and click on "Subscribe Today".

  • The Regiment Wins Hatchet Force Challenge II

    The Second Annual Hatchet Force Challenge pitted two teams against unforgiving terrain, unrelenting opposing forces, and the nearly overwhelming urge to quit. Despite the odds both teams crossed the finish line in one piece. This year's victor and the new owner of the coveted Hatchet Force Challenge Trophy: The Regiment

    Event Photos

  • HFTC II - Intel Photos

    We are hard at work planning all the good stuff that is going down during our 2nd Hatchet Force Team Challenge (now scheduled for March 21st). This weekend we took some photos of the general AO to give you all something to look at.

    If you're planning to go and you have been invited, don't forget to register A.S.A.P.

  • 2nd Annual Hatchet Force Team Challenge

    Yes, we are going to do it again. Currently in the planning stages for the last weekend of February 2009 This time it will be even more difficult, not just physically but mentally. Points will be awarded for using your heads, working as a unit and completing special objectives.

    Some spoilers include:
    - Slackline/Zipline/Ropebridge
    - Ascending
    - Integrated Live Fire Exercise (real bullets)
    - A few HF-style surprises
    - And much more to come...

    The Winning team gets to take home the coveted HF trophy and keep it until the next challenge.

    We'll be hosting it and feeding everyone dinner just like the last one.

    We're looking for:
    - Teams to compete
    - Opfor

    If you missed the first one, or ust want to see what it's all about, read it here.

    Photos from our 1st event here.

    The cost will be $40 per person for teams, $30 per person for OPFOR. This is to cover the expenses for special props, and for the dinner that will be served to everyone after the op.

    This event is invite only. You will receive a password to the registration page if you are invited.

  • U.S. Army's 233rd Birthday Combat Experience

    U.S. Army's 233rd Birthday Combat ExperiencePhoto © Hatchet Force

    OPLCMSS and The U.S. Army Recruiting Brigade celebrated the 233rd birthday of this Nation's most powerful fighting force. The event took place on an a Hollywood movie ranch, which contained an authentic representation of a typical middle-eastern town. Hatchet Force attended as assistant staff members and also played the part of "Freedom Fighters", an insurgency that the US Forces had to deal with in the town.

    U.S. Army Active duty personnel, future soldier recruits, and avid airsofters all came out in the 90+ degree heat to celebrate and have a good time. The fighting was rough, and the amazing movie set made it feel like you were in an episode of "The Unit".

    Our friends over at Airsoft Extreme made this event possible by sponsoring BBs, as well as handing out airsoft weapons by the crate-load for attendees to use for the day.

    For more information on events like this, visit OPLCMSS at

    Information on the U.S. Army: