• Tactical Navigation App: Theodolite 3.0 for iOS

    If you you know us, then you may know we enjoy long walks in the wilderness with tons of gear and no trails. We love all things LRP and LandNav, and every one of us is an expert wayfinder with map & compass (and even without those). We recently heard about the app Theodolite from Hunter Research & Technologies, for iOS.

    This thing is super slick and has a ton of features. Previously, you would need several apps to come close to the features in this one, but still not have the great Augmented Reality style navigation hud that this gives you. What was really suprising was the fact that it's only $3.99 (based on such an advanced and specialized app, that's pretty damn low). It has more bells and whistles than I wanna spend the time listing here, so learn more about the app on the hrt site.

    Thanks to Soldier Systems and ITS Tactical for letting me know about this little gem.