• Hatchet Force Team Challenge (HFTC) is getting a facelift

    Hatchet Force Team Challenge (HFTC) is getting a facelift

    You may not hear from us often, but there is usually a lot going on behind the scenes with HF. We're undergoing some team-wide upgrades, and HFTC is included.

    We have learned a lot from our previous challenges, and in our team training. We are going back to the drawing board and we're going put that into our next team challenge design. We don't have a date yet, it will be ready when it's ready.

    Bottom line, we won't be able to put on a challenge without signups. We have added an email address field to the HFTC Page in order to gauge interest. Even if we have your email address already, please add it there so we can see how many folks are interested, as well as send you updates for our future iteration of the challenge.

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